The Royal Marsden Hospital

Over the last few weeks The On Site Group have been collecting Easter eggs, arts and crafts, story books and games, to donate to the children currently receiving treatment at The Royal Marsden Hospital.

The Royal Marsden is particularly close to all of our hearts as it has helped Grandparents, friends and cousins and we will always be eternally grateful for the help and support this wonderful hospital offers.

We used our social media pages to advertise for the collection and received an amazing response from individuals, fellow On Site group colleagues and companies such as RJ Dance Contractors Ltd all of whom donated a huge amount of eggs, books, art bits and so much more. We were truly moved by everyone’s generosity and the growing mountain of donations was a very inspiring thing to see each day.

On Friday 7th April we took all of the donations down to the hospital so that everything could be distributed in time for Easter.


The staff at the The Royal Marsden were amazed at the amount we had collected and informed us that the children would be over the moon with everything. All the donations were taken straight down to the children’s ward so that the children could start enjoying everything right away.

We want to pass on a huge thank you to everyone that donated and hope that the children enjoy eating and playing with everything!